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A True Panty Tease Story

Hello you panty pervs! I wanted to share my own positively true Panty Tease story with you. I hope you like it and I hope you allow it to drive you wild. THEN I hope you call one of my available ladies so you can act out your own Panty Tease with a girl who likes it as much as you do!

Tom was a guy I picked up at the bar last summer. I wore a halter top and a very tight white mini skirt and a pair of pale pink full back cotton panties underneath. My panty lines were evident and the funny part was I knew some of the bitchier girls were laughing at me for it… but meanwhile, the guys they were with couldn’t take their eyes off me. Dumb bitches lol. Anyway, Tom was one of the girl’s dates for the night, but he was mesmerized by my panty lines. So I of course squatted down on the floor to pick something up just to glance up and see him practically drooling. Why are panty boys always so easy to torment? The bitches got mad at me when Tom wanted to hang around instead of leaving with them. I was coy about the whole thing and waited for him to make a move.

He must have been so nervous when I think about it because often he’d stutter or seem confused while talking and the next thing you know…. the bar was about to close for the night. I still said nothing, I could tell dear old Tom was waiting for me to either close out the night or express some invitation to him. So I let him walk me to my car and even watch me get in it to keep him dangling on his desperation. But finally, I said it was still early and he could follow me back to my apartment.

Once we got there I still left him hanging for about another 30 minutes waiting to see what he’d do now that we were alone. When I knew for sure that I was really “in charge” of him…. I decided to shock him and begin my game. I told him I thought he was trying to peek up my skirt all night long and asked him what exactly he was looking for. Silly Tom… he just blushed hehe. I told him I already knew the answer… that he was trying to get a glimpse of my panties. He nodded speechlessly. I asked him if he had a panty fetish or had ever been panty teased before in between a few giggles. He admitted he didn’t know if he had a fetish, and had not been the subject of a good teasing. So I told him to get undressed. Poor Tom, it was obvious from the beginning he was shy, but now his embarrassment was hinging on humiliated and I didn’t even get to that part yet!

I told him to keep his boxers and socks on, it was clear he had an erection already. I got down on the floor on my knees in front of him and stared straight at his crotch. I got my face VERY close to it hoping he could feel my warm breath. I said, “boy you must be REALLY horny”. Again dopey Tom just nodded. So I stood up and peeled my tight skirt off to reveal those pink cotton panties. I asked if he could get on his knees this time, which he did in seconds. I pushed my hips into his face and when he tried to touch me I smacked his hand away shouting “No Panty Freak, no touching me”. I laughed when he whimpered. I told Tom he was only allowed to SMELL me right now and I would think about letting him touch me if he did everything I wanted him too. What a dummy… he said “OK OK OK” super fast and many times. He would have agreed to anything at that point I suspect. I started to verbally humiliate him in a way that was coated with sugar, not mean or harsh…. I did it in my cutest baby voice. I made him lay down while I rubbed my panty covered pussy over his face. I kept asking if he liked it. I asked him if my pussy smelled good because I know guys like when it smells nice, not stinky. Then anytime he tried to talk I sat down like I smothering him, never letting him answer. I asked all sort of questions and all I got out of that little bitch was muffled grunts. Gosh, I think this went on for at least 20 minutes straight. It entertains me! Then I made him strip off those boxers.

I could tell that his cock was pleading with me and crying little tears of precum. I told him that just disgusting! And I said those boxers were too lose which is how his cock so swollen up in them. I gave him a clean pair of pink lacey panties out of the drawer and made him put them on. They were MUCH tighter and restricting I said! I made poor desperately sad Tom tell me he liked wearing them. I didn’t really care if he did or not. I made him push his face into my panty covered ass and sniff too. I squealed because his nose sunk into my crack and pushed my panties in there too! Then I told him he was an asshole and had to pick my wedgie now out with his teeth. He did it and I thought he going to bust a nut hehe.

I got up in front of him and he was almost so weak now that he I doubt he could stand. I tugged really hard on the side of panties pulling them deep up into my pussy. I pulled and pulled until my fat cunt lips were now literally on either side on the crotch. Basically, the only thing he couldn’t see was my clit. I asked him if he wanted to pick the panties out of my pussy with his finger? He said, “yes yes yes”. I said, “well that’s too bad”. I walked off to my coffee table and grabbed my drink, I walked back over as if I was going to sip and then dumped the whole beer all over his pile of clothes on the floor. I laughed and said, “so what the hell are you wearing home now panty boy? I am through with you for tonight and you are leaving”. To say he looked stunned would be an understatement. It was shock, disbelief, desperation, humiliation, and submission all at once. I told him the night was fun but I had really decided that I wanted him to fuck me yet, so a second date was probably in order. Pointed out how I was not a cheap bimbo and that I did not appreciate his cock leaking in my panties. I pointed to the big wet mark in front and said that it was nasty. I told him boys can be so gross sometimes. I told him if he was a good boy I’d give him something to wear that wasn’t soaked with beer. And I did. I offered him a pink tee shirt that said “Princess” on it that was so tight on him it looked like his skin.

I gave him a pair of pink sweatpants to put on over his lacy panties and told him it was no big deal since it was so late no one would ever know! I even put his wet clothes in a plastic bag and gave them back. He was so persistent about not doing it that I had to yell at him a few times in my baby girl voice. There was so much begging and pleading that I won’t bore you with all of it. Eventually, I got him to the door in his “princess” gear and with his big plastic bag. There was another “please” and I pushed him hard out into the hallway so I could shut my door fast. I was just cracking up like crazy and I could hear him lingering there wishing I was only kidding. When I finally heard his footsteps I called my neighbor (we’re friends) and woke her up to go to her window, and I went to mine. When we could see him in the parking lot we started whistling and hollering “hey baby” at him. He took off as fast as he could probably feeling completely humiliated and aroused. I never did give him my number for that second date.



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