Panty Tug of War

Here is the benefit of being female. We can masturbate by tugging our panties up into our pussy.  What is even better is doing this intentionally in front of some schmuck who can only watch as we wither and squirm. You know those panties get filled with girlie juice stains afterward. The sad man that … Read more

Pet My Kitty

Please Pet my Pussy! Hello panty-boy I want to take you to heaven. Want to pet my kitty? Do you like that a very sexy adult woman is wearing hello kitty panties? Don’t act innocent with me. We both know your kink. We both know you are anxious to be my personal panty slut. You’ve … Read more

Pretty Girl Lies to Panty Slave

  Sure you might meet me somewhere and believe I am going to fuck you. I mean, hey, I’ll play along. But no way baby. It’s all about the panty tease. So I will get naked down to my white cotton panties but you’ll never get into them, you dummy. Maybe you can sniff. Maybe … Read more

A Panty Boy Story

PANTY BOY: PART ONE As Cassandra got off the elevator at her penthouse apartment that overlooked Lake Michigan she groaned a little as the strain of the day overtook her!!! It had been a long one, with meetings with clients starting at eight in the morning all the way to five p.m. in the afternoon, … Read more

Pussy Smashing and Grinding in White Cotton Panties

Peekaboo Upskirt White Cotton Panties Meet my friend! She wanted to remain anonymous in photos, but her nickname is Sassy and it fits her personality like a fucking glove! She is sassy for sure, she’ll flash her panties to anyone, at any time, but especially in PUBLIC. Pretty brazen and extremely kinky, the way I … Read more

Sheer Panties and Hot Pussy Lips

Here is a beautiful panty crotch… she is a hot little twat, isn’t she? I love how you can see those cunt lips through her sheer little panties. Look at those plump puffy lips when this babe flashes them. You just know that pussy opens up wide exposing all those juicy pink bits. hmmm hmmm. … Read more

Flashing Some Ass Crack

Gaze at that ass crack. Don’t you see your future in it? YOU WISH! These full back panties fully cover all of that perky ass… but you can only fantasize of poking your peepee in it! We’re full throttle TEASERS! Your nose might fit well in the crack.. it looks so cute in this pic … Read more

Pink Pussy Package Inside

  Booty Short Panties Hide Pink Pussy Panties are kind of like holiday wrapping paper. If you are lucky enough to get a hot vixen in a pretty pair of panties, the first thing you want to do is rip them off, like a present! You want to get to that pretty pink pussy package … Read more

Cootchie Alert

Please examine closely… we have a lovely covered cootchie here. Her legs are spread open nice and wide. The only thing between your eyes and her pussy … is some thin cotton panty material! What do you think she is hiding under there? A big bush? A shaved smooth pussy? Think her clit is big? … Read more

Pantyhose and Panties

What is better than panties? Well… pantyhose over the top of them! Yum yum.  isn’t it wonderful about all the mysterious things women hide under their clothes? An ordinary pair of blue jeans…. old fashioned Levi’s are hiding the delicious scent of sweaty pussy.  If only these silky pantyhose could be touched, fondled, and rubbed … Read more

Heiny Heiny Ho

Bootylicious! Check out this Booty. Cute little stripey panties huh? I love a girl that lets me take pictures of her ass. Would you just love that ass shaking in your face? How about the crotch grinding against your tongue? A true Panty Vixen knows exactly how to get you alone, panting, and horny for … Read more

Gooey Cotton Panties

Nice. Cotton. Panties. You know you love ’em. And any Panty Vixen worth her pussy juice does too! We all know how well those cotton crotches soak up the honey drink. They hold their scent. They feel good rubbed all over your body, and even extra nice over your cock. hmmmm so imagine it. Soaking … Read more

Is the Crotch Wet

Gooey Pussy Inside Panties Here is a hottie. She’s an amateur that wants you to look at her cotton white panties. I love amateur photos best since you can see the flaws them. For instance, her legs aren’t perfect like a slick photo shop job. You can see how normal her skin is. Oh even … Read more

Teeny Tiny Black Bikini

  This little Panty Vixen is one hardcore chick! For her… it’s not just about the TEASING, it’s about the sexual suffering of denial. I must agree that there is something kind of hot about teasing a guy into such a sexual frenzy that his balls turn blue! Ah… memories. Do you like a panty … Read more

Twat on Display

  You might want to call it “an upskirt shot” except for two things… no skirt and it was totally INTENTIONAL. This Panty Vixen loves to snap pics of her twat. She loves horny panty boys drooling and jacking off to her pics. I have so much in common with her! If you are finding … Read more

Pretty Pink Crotch

                Having a HARD time looking away from this Panty Vixen’s crotch? I sure DO! Go ahead… gaze at it again. Know what part I love the most? It’s that little crinkle… the tiny camel toe. I love how the crotch is pulling against her too. I wonder … Read more