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only $10 for 5 min

and $2.00 per min after

*We do not accept prepaid gift cards

Adults Only 18+


Automated Phone Billing

When you call there is a brief sexy recording that gives you all the details. The preamble includes all rates and billing information including the billing name that will show on your credit card bill. You’ll be connected to one of my horny panty ladies directly from her home. The billing is very private because you’ll use an automated system to enter all of your details yourself. No human being has access to your confidential info. You won't have to enter your credit card every single time you call. Our system is advanced will recognize you by your telephone number in the future. 


Pay Online for More Control

Do you prefer to set up your account online? You can do that! It's quick and easy. Having an online account is really cool because with our system you can message girls, save your favorites, and even track your spending. 


Pay Online





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