$10 Panty Fetish Phone Sex

$10 Phone Sex

panty fetish phone sex

$10 phone sex

Let’s get it on Panty Freak! Welcome to my site for $10 Phone Sex! Talk to one of my dirty phone sex gal pals for only $10. They all know how to work a man and tease him about his Panty Fetish….until he is in hell. Gosh, we specialize in it. We do it because we like it. That’s right you silly panty-boy…. Candy and her girls are always ready to torture you with panty teasing $10 phone sex in the most seductive way possible. It will only hurt until we make it stop!


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Automated Phone Billing

When you call there is a brief sexy recording that gives you all the details. The preamble includes all rates and billing information including the billing name that will show on your credit card bill. You’ll be connected to one of my horny panty ladies directly from her home. The billing is very private because you’ll use an automated system to enter all of your details yourself. No human being has access to your confidential info. You won't have to enter your credit card every single time you call. Our system is advanced will recognize you by your telephone number in the future. 


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Panty Fetish Panty Lovers! 

Hi all…I’m Candy, although that isn’t my real name. It’s a nickname an old boyfriend gave me because he said I had an incredible pussy that tasted like candy. I was always a tease…. but my life changed when I met Todd. This site’s theme is our adventures in panty fun for both him and me!

I met my current boyfriend Todd at a club where I was hanging out with my friends. I didn’t know it at the time but my future lover had a panty fetish. So there I was – sitting there on this bar stool… and I am quite a petite girl so my legs and feet sort of dangled above the floor. I kept shifting on the seat – trying to get comfortable with my taller girlfriends but it was impossible. Todd had been watching me squirm on the chair and had gotten more than one peek at my pretty silky shiny baby blue panties. It wasn’t until much later that night after I took him home with me that I found out his secret. I guess you might say I “accidentally” found myself a panty slut servant boy! I didn’t have experience prior to Todd with a panty fetish… but I was pretty good prick tease already. I learned quickly how to use his love of panties to my advantage. I had him on his knees begging to sniff my crotch, to just rub his cock against my panty crotch. And you must know how a tease reacts to all that begging….. right? LOL, it encouraged me to only deny him MORE while dangling my candy in his face.

Todd just loves panties, and especially the warm pussy scented kind fresh off my body. He caresses them against his nose and takes big deep breaths. He likes to lick at the clitty litter my juicy pussy left behind. Basically, Todd is a filthy panty licker and he would sometimes prefer doing that to even having sex. He appreciates my desire to exploit other guys too.


Panty Fetish Phone Sex


I started exploring my own panty fetish more by going out to bars in outfits that clearly were meant to attract attention to my panties. Like once I wore this super tight mini dress that clearly revealed my panty lines. Or maybe I would wear a pair of low-rise jeans with my thong sticking way out. The point to all of it was to see what kind of guys I could attract. Once I got them… I’d push things a little further and watch how they reacted. I’d flash my panties if I had on that mini dress for example, by sliding off the bar stool with my legs opened up a little too wide. or if I had on those low rise jeans I’d take the time to keep adjusting the sides of my thong. When the guy I was talking to gave me just a little too much attention… I knew I had him in the palm of my hand.

Once I would take them home I’d make them worship me, make them sniff my dirty panties, and turn them into my little servant boys. I guess you could say was a born panty tease and the perfect prick teaser because I never let any of them actually cum! I can’t help – I love it, and I don’t want to help it either. Todd doesn’t mind my games, in fact, the little freak even watches sometimes hidden in the closet among a hamper full of my dirty panties.

So now there you have it! That’s my little biography… the confessions of a panty vixen!

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