The Positively True Confessions of a Panty Vixen Prick Tease

Is the Crotch Wet

on Aug 10, 2008













Here is a hottie I shall call “Summer”. She’s an amateur that wants you to look at her cotton white panties. I love amateur photos best since you can see the flaws them. For instance, her legs aren’t perfect like a slick photoshop job. You can see how normal her skin is. Oh even better is the way those panties fit, a little loose and droopy in her ass crack. It’s like the panties are a little “loose” for her except for the fact that they seem stuck in the cunt region viagra 100mg. Now I wonder why that is boys? Do you suppose…. that her pussy is so wet that these flimsy cotton panties stuck to her cunt? That’s what I think!


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